SDL Method - Mini 2 Week Detox

SDL Method - Mini 2 Week Detox



The SDL Method Mini Detox is a two week detox. It is a gentle holistic detox and the objective is to detox your body as well as your life. The basis of my work as a Clinical Nutritionist it to treat people holistically to get results. I have proven results for this detox by really changing peoples lives and restoring health.


It is a 31 page downloaded PDF filled with loads of interesting information.


The detox teaches you -

• Why Detox

• All about detoxing a healthy way

• Foods to eat on a detox and not to eat

• Cleaning your home with home made cleaning products

• Cleaning out cosmetics

• Skin Brushing

• Epsom Baths

• A full 2 week menu

• Recipes

• General lifestyle recommendations.


I am available throughout your detox for any questions or guidance






    Sarah Di Lorenzo is a fully qualified Clinical Nutritionist. She is a media nutritionist, public speaker, recipe creator, programme writer and clinic owner. She is also an avid exerciser and proud mum to her 3 daughters. She would love to help you achieve your best self!

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