Sarah Di Lorenzo is a fully qualified Clinical Nutritionist devoted to overhauling the health of her clients. Sarah’s influence reaches far and wide through her work as a media nutritionist, public speaker, recipe and programme creator and clinic owner. As an avid exerciser and proud mum to her 3 daughters, she knows how vital a healthy lifestyle is to living happily. 

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Di Lorenzo (SDL)

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"Be your best self."
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My Journey.   

It all began in my teenage years. With a specialist doctor for a father and a nurse for a mother, good health and caring for others were mantras in my family. At an early age I heard the quote “Let food be thy medicine”. But it was my move into modelling that cemented my passion for health. After being raised to champion good habits, it was a shock to see how differently many others live. I was suddenly surrounded by people with unhappy relationships with food. I became determined to unlock the secret of eating well, maintaining a healthy weight, and most importantly, feeling great about it.  

As a single parent to three daughters, I understand the daily juggle of work, kids, after-school activities, relationships, trying to find time to exercise and keeping a home. But where there is a will, there is a way.  

Today, I’ve injected 20 years of work in the wellness and fitness industry, more than 10 years of experience in a private psychiatric clinic, my knowledge in childhood nutrition and an Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine, into my private clinic in Bondi.  

My two programmes SDL Method Weight Loss For Life and SDL 2 Week Mini Detox are the cornerstones for a health overhaul. Unlike fad diets and misleading weight loss tricks, these are health plans for life. 

In the Media. 

I’m a mainstay on Channel Seven’s Sunrise and Weekend Sunrise. Bringing the latest health news, advice and recipes to their national audience for almost four years. 

My recipes always receive a large online viewership after
my segments air – and positive feedback after the hosts
and audience have tried them. I have a knack for creating delicious, healthy and nutrient dense smoothies and dishes that become weekly favourites for the family.  


Before that I was Resident Nutritionist at a fantastic radio show, Talking Lifestyle on 2UE every Friday at 1.10pm discussing nutritional medicine.   

I am also a public speaker, I really enjoy being on the speaker circuit, one of my favourite talks is Top Ten Strategies to Living Your Best Life.  

I have a strong belief in all aspects of wellness, including rest, social connection, self-expression, intellect, spirituality, exercise, diet and nutrition. Being able to see the tangible rewards in my clients’ lives is what drives me, and my greatest pleasure is seeing people become their best selves.  


My Philosophy:   

As a nutritionist, I like to transform people to reclaim their health and life. I aspire to make the right changes for each individual.  

I believe in the latest findings, am evidence based and am forever coming up with new ideas to tailor make programs for my clients. I attend regular seminars to find out what’s new and innovative in Nutritional Medicine. My goal with my clients is to empower them with knowledge of the benefits of nutrition and I support them to be their best.  

I believe in the innate healing process supported by organic, nutrient dense and seasonal foods. Understanding your body type, reaching your full health potential and optimum health is my goal.  

"Be your best self."
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What is the SDL Method?

The SDL Method is a holistic approach to nutrition and wellbeing that helps men and women of all ages to achieve vibrant health and be their best selves.  

What do you see when you imagine being your “best self”?  

For me, it’s being able to enthusiastically jump out of bed every morning after a great sleep. It’s knowing how to prepare wholesome meals that work for my busy life, fill me with vital nutrients and help me maintain my optimal weight and a healthy body. It’s being in a better mood consistently, having a youthful glow, and feeling positive about myself.  

It’s a way of life that I’ve lived for the better part of 25 years, and I created the SDL Method because I want to share what I’ve learned, so that you can enjoy life the way I do.  

The SDL Method focuses on positive body image and inner health. I don’t believe in fad diets, but in teaching lifestyle and eating skills that give you energy and help you age well. The food industry has distorted our idea of normal portions, so I believe in relearning healthy meal sizes.  

I teach people how to integrate nutritious eating with your lifestyle, the best anti-aging foods, ideal portions, achieving weight loss, detoxing, and intermittent fasting when it comes to weight loss.  

What you put into my programmes and nutritional advice is what you will get out. If you are dedicated, you will achieve weight loss, a youthful glow, good elimination channels, improved sleep and a better mood.  

With these foundations of wellbeing in your life, your best self will naturally flourish!  

"I came to see Sarah as I was extremely tired and not sleeping well at night. I was also suffering some mild anxiety and poor memory. Sarah tested me for food, gut bacteria health, heavy metals and mineral analysis. I was amazed at how she found out about my body's cellular health. Sarah had the most incredible understanding of the workings of the human body in relation to the nutrition it needs to optimally operate. It is astounding how different I fell after following her recommendations even after a few weeks."

Sally Sharpe Irvin

Stylist & Film Costume Stylist, Vaucluse

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I have been successfully helping people for years fight fatigue and low energy levels clinically with huge success and I want to help you. Follow my programme and you will achieve your goals.


Fatigue Fighter is a 50 page downloadable PDF programme that is designed to help you get your energy levels back and start loving life again.